Effortless Living,
Limitless Service

The Corinthia Oasis will include an exclusive selection of just 25 stand-alone serviced Residences which will

  • Have direct access to all hotel services via a 24/7 concierge
  • Provide a range of sizes, layouts and superior finishing and interior design options
  • Enjoy private pools, extensive grounds and gardens
  • Benefit from all the resort’s comforts and amenities

The Residences will connect to the hotel via country lanes, footpaths and cycle lanes that will crisscross the park at the heart of the development.

With access to all resort facilities, these exclusive homes will offer an idyllic lifestyle environment that is unparalleled in the local context.

The Comforts
of a Home

One of the main advantages of a mixed-use project is that the hotel can offer quality services to residents from an operational hub which is fully designed and equipped to do so.

Branded Serviced Residences

The concept of Branded Serviced Residences is believed to have originated in Manhattan in the 1920s but it was only in the latter decades of the last century that the idea started to flourish among the top-tier hospitality brands worldwide.

Today, practically all the major players in the five-star luxury segment offer variations on this theme and the concept has become a mainstream global hospitality trend that has successfully merged the allure of 24/7 service with the security and convenience of home ownership.

Globally there are now over 400 high-level hotel and serviced residence schemes, providing over 65,000 units worldwide.