Landscaping Philosophy

Situated in the particularly fertile Pwales Valley, the site offers a unique opportunity to create an especially lush type of development.

Following a detailed landscape survey of the site, the resort masterplan was designed to work with the indigenous mature trees on site. Our intention is to greatly increase the number of these within the public and private gardens of the resort and a tree nursery containing some 200 trees has already been set up on site.

Immersed in

One of our guiding principles at the Corinthia Oasis is to gently nudge guests and residents towards ever-healthier lifestyles.

From the project’s location, to the plethora of health, wellness, sports and leisure activities on the site, the project has prioritised its future users’ wellbeing from the outset.

We plan to deliver this philosophy against an enviable backdrop of stunning beaches, crystalline blue seas, tall trees, fresh air and birdsong.

Building a